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why do i have no characters with the last name mcfly yet what the fuck is wrong with me

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  • "I will smack you to hell"
  • "I will smack you to heaven"
  • "I will smack you so fucking hard if you don’t kiss me right now!"
  • "I will smack you the life out of you"
  • "I will smack you back to life!"
  • "I’ll smack the glasses off your face"
  • "I will smack you to another species"
  • "I will smack you to another race"
  • "I will smack you into a coma, don’t say I wouldn’t!"
  • "I am gonna smack you so fucking hard that you’ll need surgery to fix that face"
  • "I will smack you so hard that you will look even prettier then last time"
  • "Bitch, now, you know you need a smackin’!"
  • "lemme smack dat ass"
  • "lemme smack them chest, I know you enjoy that kink!"
  • "Are you crazy?”
  • "Are you even listening to me?"
  • "Are you even listening to yourself?"
  • "Are you sure they won’t find out?”
  • "Are you sure this is legal?”
  • "Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”
  • "Are you threatening me?"
  • "Be mine."
  • "Do I know you?"
  • "Do you love me?"
  • "Do you remember this?"
  • "Do you trust me?"
  • "Don’t go."
  • "Don’t let me die"
  • "Don’t look at me like that."
  • "Don’t make me beg.”
  • "Don’t you dare come near me!"
  • "Don’t you dare."
  • "Explain yourself."
  • "For you, I would _____"
  • "Give it back."
  • "Give me another chance."
  • "Have you ever even done this before?"
  • "How drunk are you right now?"
  • "I already regret this."
  • "I am not wearing that.”
  • "I can’t believe you missed that."
  • "I can’t do this anymore."
  • "I can’t even look at you."
  • "I could kill you!"
  • "I dare you." or "I dare you to _____."
  • "I didn’t do it.""
  • "I didn’t know you could do that."
  • "I don’t want to look at you right now.”
  • "I guess this is goodbye.”
  • "I hate you."
  • "I have to go."
  • "I just want to cuddle."
  • "I know your secret.”
  • "I love you, but I really wish I didn’t.”
  • "I love you."
  • "I miss you so very much."
  • "I missed you."
  • "I need a drink."
  • "I need a hug."
  • "I never really loved you."
  • "I owe you."
  • "I think I broke it."
  • "I think I’m falling in love with you. "
  • "I think I’m forgetting something."
  • "I think it’s broken.”
  • "I trust you."
  • "I want to be yours."
  • "I want to try this thing I read in a book.”
  • "I want you. Naked. In my bed. Now."
  • "I’ll be there in five minutes.”

”This is really inappropriate.”
  • "I’m all for spicing thing’s up, but isn’t this a bit much?”
  • "I’m bad for you.”
  • "I’m dying."
  • "I’m going to be sick."
  • "I’m not speaking to you anymore."
  • "I’m pregnant and it’s yours."
  • "I’ve never heard that one before."
  • "If you stay quiet, no one will know.”
  • "Is that my shirt?"
  • "It was me"
  • "It’s so beautiful.”
  • "It’s time to choose.”
  • "Just five more minutes."
  • "Just go."
  • "Just leave me alone."
  • "Just let me die."
  • "Just relax."
  • "Just what did we do last night?"
  • "Kiss me you idiot."
  • "Kiss me."
  • "Make me."
  • "Marry me?"
  • "My Parents don’t know"
  • "My parents know.""
  • "Never again."
  • "Nh, don’t be so rough!"
  • "No, that can’t be my baby."
  • "No! You can’t die on me now!"
  • "Put it away.”
  • "Put your trousers on!"
  • "Put. The. Weapon. Down."
  • "Shut up and listen."
  • "Take responsibility."
  • "That isn’t mine."
  • "That looked easier on TV."
  • "That sounds painful."
  • "That was a bad plan."
  • "That’s mine!”
  • "That’s the cheesiest pickup line I’ve ever heard."
  • "They’re coming.”
  • "This seems familiar."
  • "This stays between us."
  • "Truth hurts, don’t it?"
  • "Want to hear a secret?"
  • "We need to talk."
  • "We’re moving too fast.”
  • "Well that was unexpected."
  • "What are we doing here?"
  • "What are you afraid of?"
  • "What are you touching?"
  • "What are you?"
  • "What do you need?"
  • "What happened to you?"
  • "What have I done this time?"
  • "What if someone catches us?”
  • "What sort of noise was that?”
  • "What the hell do you think you’re doing?"
  • "What were you thinking?"
  • "Where are my clothes?"
  • "Where did you find this?"
  • "Where do you even find this sort of thing?”
  • "Where were you?"
  • "Who’d have guessed you could pull such a face?”
  • "Why are you wearing that?"
  • "Why yes, I am as think as you drunk I am."
  • "You could have died!”
  • "You could have killed someone!"
  • "You coward."
  • "You don’t need to be so gentle.”
  • "You drive me crazy!"
  • "You have ten minutes, so make it quick.”
  • "You lied to me!"
  • "You mean everything to me."
  • "You owe me."
  • "You. Come. Snuggle. NOW!"
  • "You’re all out of ____."
  • "You’re an idiot.”
  • "You’re bad for me.”
  • "You’re dead to me."
  • "You’re pregnant and It’s mine"
  • "You’re really good at this…”
  • "You’re so weird.""
  • "You’re under arrest."

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i’m baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkk

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Although I’ve technically been free since Friday, my last ever exam is tomorrow so then i’m completely done. However, i have been having some issues with tumblr recently and long story short i can’t post or reblog anything (amongst other glitches) via the laptop (i’m currently mobile) so until i find a way to fix that, i can’t actually do replies so i suppose the hiatus stays for now. It’s the same problem on mcbustedrps too so even though I’ve put some of my sideblogs on there too, i still can’t do anything. All liking of posts is being done through my phone and i’m spending most of my time on my new group rp blog (long story). Anyway i hope you’re all well and ilysm

Anonymous asked: Also www(.)mymadfatdiaryrpg(.)tumblr(.)com is great aswell! Jacqueline and Hetti would fit perfectly in the roleplay!! :)

Omg you actual angel. I’ll check out this one too! Thank you so much! <3

Anonymous asked: I've found you a roleplay that has a open sibling for Sugar! www(.)glee-marriage(.)tumblr(.)com/masterlist

Omg, thank you so much! I’ll be sure to give it a look! <3

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see cali works really well as an only child just because of the way her family is but i think that au cali having a brother also does her good.

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*uses lauren lopez at any given chance*

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edsheeranrps asked: “I’m gonna ask you an unpleasant question now- why did you ever say yes?” (gigner bobos)

Sighing, Cali looked at her hands, to where her engagement ring used to be, and where her birthday ring still was. Maybe that was a sign that this didn’t have to be permanent. “Because I really wanted to marry you… Part of me still does. The rest of me realises that you don’t want this anymore,” she said defeatedly, shrugging. No matter how she was feeling now, and had felt over the recent months, even Cali wouldn’t go through with a wedding-if it were to ever even happen, which even if she didn’t leave now, didn’t seem likely-that she wasn’t certain he wanted too. It didn’t matter that she was wrong, that Ed did still love her, still wanted their familiar, their home. It didn’t matter because she was completely convinced overwise. She wouldn’t be feeling that way if it weren’t for what could only be described as the depression that have overtaken her, but she did, and it wasn’t like Ed was home enough to notice or realise how she felt anyway. She was certain he didn’t care, either. 

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